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Not every content management system (CMS) is created equally, and starting off with a CMS that lacks SEO capabilities can put your website at a huge disadvantage that can be hard to recover from. Search engine optimization (SEO) increases the visibility of your website, naturally leading to higher conversion rates and a more prosperous business. On the other hand, neglecting to optimize for search engines means your website will likely have low visibility online, less organic traffic, and worse conversion rates. 

Considering the remarkable impact that SEO can have on the success of your website, choosing a CMS that offers SEO features is crucial. Whether you are an SEO beginner looking for help or someone who is already proficient, Glass offers features that can enhance your SEO strategy and give your website a competitive edge. Our SEO website builder software is user-friendly, requires no coding, and helps you see exactly what you need to take your website SEO to the next level.

Last updated May 18, 2022

Glass – The SEO-friendly CMS


What is CMS and SEO?

CMS (Content Management System)

Put simply, content management systems are software that make building a website easy. Normally this means that content creation and modification is performed from a central location with little or no coding knowledge required. However, it is important to be aware that no CMS is the same. While one CMS may have limited flexibility all around, another may offer design flexibility, easy scalability, and help with SEO.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO is an essential part of making your website easily visible to search engines and the people who use them. A number of factors can affect your SEO strategy, including keywords, page speed, quality of content, responsive design, internal and external links, user experience, Core Web Vitals, and the list goes on. 

Fortunately, many of these facets are automatically covered by using a robust CMS like Glass. We remove as many obstacles as possible to optimize the performance of your website and free up your time. Take advantage of our premier SEO features, including hundreds of responsive and customizable templates, easily scalable pages, insights into how your pages are performing using Google Core Web Vitals, integrated SEO keyword research, and more. 

Which CMS is good for SEO?

Many content management systems are limited in their SEO capabilities, so it is important to understand how SEO works to make the best choice. Ideally, the CMS that you choose will optimize for both technical and on-page SEO, but it is common for website SEO software to focus on only one of the two. 

SEO optimization

Technical SEO is more commonly supported by SEO website builders, but be sure to do your research before making your decision. Technical SEO is not a feature of every CMS, and it can be easy to miss since it happens behind the scenes to optimize elements like page speed and site structure. This type of SEO is especially difficult to backtrack and fix later on.

On-page SEO is even less likely to be supported by a content management system. This is the type of SEO that you actually see on the page, which includes unique content like keywords, images, and links. Few SEO website builders offer support for on-page SEO.

Glass is one of the few SEO website builders that covers both types of optimization. We help you track Core Web Vitals for the out-of-sight SEO that matters, and offer integrated SEO keyword research to make updating your on-page content a breeze. 

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