Built-In Tools Help Developers Create and Dominate Websites

Simple to use, powerful, and requires no plugin maintenance, GLASS™ is the perfect website builder for web designers.

Why GLASS™ is the Best Website Builder for Web Designers

Simple to Use

GLASS™ is an intuitive CMS with a low bar and incredibly simple interface that makes it easy to set up professional websites in no time.

Scalable Content

Choose from hundreds of scalable templates that can easily handle growth and adapt to changes that you make on your websites.


Nowadays, having a mobile and tablet-optimized website is essential. With our CMS, you can set up a website that works on all devices.

Best for Web Designers

Eliminate the frustrations of wrangling with the complexities of other website builders with our seamless and simple web design templates.

Looking for an Easy and Responsive Website Builder for Web Designers?

Powerful Web Design

Our seamless user-friendly modules make it easy to build your own template designs with all the functionality you need.

Ease of Navigation

Choose from hundreds of templates with easy-to-navigate menus and intuitive design features that help prospective customers discover your clients' websites.

Seamless User Experience

All of our website themes are built from the perspective of the end user with highly responsive, scalable, and easy-to-use web designs.

Fresh, Professional Themes

GLASS™ contains something for everyone. Regardless of your business or industry, you will find several fresh, exciting themes to match.

Best Website Builder for Freelancers/Web Developers

Building a scalable, SEO-friendly website for multiple businesses can be challenging. While there are many website builders to choose from, many of the other leading platforms are either complex, slow or contain limited functionality.

One of the many things that make GLASS™ the best website builder for web designers is that it contains tools and features that help users create simple landing pages and websites quickly and easily.

GLASS™ includes integrated SEO tools that help any website you create to dominate the search rankings. This includes keyword suggestions, as well as metrics to help you measure how your website stacks up against the pillars of Google’s Core Web Vitals.

This means you don’t have to build or incorporate any plugins or additional third-party software to assist in your keyword research. All of this is available at the click of a button in our website builder, which is designed for web designers.

Some of the popular website builders on the market include WordPress, Wix, and Squarespace. While these platforms provide a range of themes and tools to work with, GLASS™ is one of the few all-in-one content management systems that gives you access to advanced design, templates, space, and SEO tools that do not require complex coding or tech skills.

Discover the hundreds of available GLASS™ website builder templates that you can use to create beautiful SEO-friendly websites for your clients.

Top Website Designs for Busy Developers


Create customized client websites that are optimized for different regions and locations.


Our all-in-one CMS with advanced functionality is perfect for time-strapped startups.


Building tailored websites for charities or NGOs is easy with our custom website themes.


GLASS™ is the best website builder for web designers creating franchise pages, thanks to professional designs and SEO.

Gallery Website

With our drag-and-drop functionality and intuitive interface, you can create attractive and vibrant gallery pages quickly and easily.