Developing an Exceptional Website Using GLASS™ Website Storage Is Easy

Data storage is a vital component of website development. GLASS™ is the best website builder for providing you with enterprise-level storage.

How GLASS™ Website Storage Helps You Develop an Exceptional Website

Accommodates Your Business's Growth

GLASS™ website storage capacities allow your website to be scalable to its full potential without data lapses and space issues.

Improves User Experience

Your website visitors can have a seamless user experience with enough storage with each GLASS™ plan to support videos, high-resolution pictures, and other multimedia content.

More Website Functionality

You won’t need to worry about running out of storage space before you are ready to upgrade or increase your site’s functions.

Ability to Use Cutting-Edge Web Development Tools

With the 14-day free trial, you can test any of the three GLASS™ plans with cutting-edge website building features without locking into an agreement.

Why GLASS™ Has the Best Storage Options

Scalable Plans

The three GLASS™ website building plans offer website storage that is strategically proportional to other features, such as the number of domains and pages.

Generous Website Storage Space

From the basic plan (Lowball) to the premium plan (Goblet), each plan offers more affordable website storage space than other website builders.

Robust Basic Plan

Many website builders offer a bare-bone basic plan with minimal storage. But the GLASS™ basic plan, Lowball, provides 50 GB of storage space.

Daily Data Backup

Along with excellent storage capacity, the GLASS™ plans, Lowball, Flute, and Goblet, provide daily data backup to protect your stored data.

How Does GLASS™ Website Storage Capacity Make it a Leading Website Builder?

When shopping for a website builder, it is easy to overlook the storage capacity each plan offers. But this oversight can be costly because storage for your website is a critical part of website development. It affects your website’s capabilities and user experience. In addition, having enough storage is essential to your site being scalable.

Sometimes, you may hear people use storage and bandwidth interchangeably. But they are different. Storage defines the volume of content you can store on the web builder’s servers, including images, files, and multimedia. On the other hand, bandwidth controls how much data your visitors can see at a given time.

Even the GLASS™ basic plan, Lowball, offers 50 GB of storage space, more than many web builders offer in their premium or VIP plans. This large storage capacity allows you to develop a highly functioning website with our top-notch web development tools and Content Management System (CMS). If you need more storage, the Flute plan offers 100 GB, and the Goblet plan comes with 1 TB of storage.

When you factor in the added value of abundant storage, GLASS™ Lowball, Flute, and Goblet plans are even more cost-effective and empowering for your growing business. You can experience the benefits of abundant website storage space in developing your website by sampling any of the plans in a 14-day free trial right now.

With GLASS™, Extra Web Storage Space is Irreplaceable


Add new dishes to your menu and online ordering as your business grows.

Photographers & Videographers

Showcase your portfolio with high-resolution images and add videos to explain your process to clients.

B2C Retail Stores

Create wish lists and order histories for your customers without an expensive upgrade.

Interior Designers

Create elaborate photographic and video presentations to show your most successful renovations.

Multi-Location Businesses

Add unique pages as new locations come online, without worrying about running out of space.