A Franchise Website Builder Designed with Branding Guidelines in Mind

With GLASS™, you can create a franchise website with customizable templates, powerful features, and incredible simplicity.

What a Franchise Website Builder Needs to Provide

All-in-One Content Management System (CMS)

Quickly build stunning, professional-looking franchise websites using our robust content management system (CMS). Your franchise website builder should be designed for all types of users.

Hundreds of Website Themes to Choose From

Most franchise websites must follow stringent branding guidelines including global brand compliance. Use GLASS™ templates to keep marketing options uniform across all locations.

Fully Equipped to Support Growth

With the GLASS™ franchise website builder platform, you can scale up and down based on your business needs today, tomorrow, and in the future.

Built with SEO in Mind

Track and monitor the SEO performance of each of your franchise locations—all from within the GLASS™ platform. Leverage powerful analytics to scale your business quickly.

Create A Website Today with Our Franchise Website Builder

Mobile Experience

Your website should look and feel good, regardless of the device visitors are using. Go mobile-first with GLASS™ and provide the best user experience possible.

Keyword Research

Find and implement the right keywords to boost your site’s search rankings—without installing a third-party solution. Check for top keywords to help you outrank competitors.


Update menus, products, or pricing quickly and easily. Allow customers to place online orders in a few, simple steps without entering their information again and again.


Discover which pages are performing or underperforming, so you know where to make changes. Know which products customers love, so you can emphasize your bestsellers.

How to Build a Franchise Website

Building a franchise website is not an easy task. Unless you know what you're doing, the costs can quickly add up. You have to follow brand guidelines, or you lose the chance to build your own custom website. If you’ve never built a website before, fear of messing it up may compel you to just abandon the idea altogether.

Franchise website builders like GLASS™ allow you to create websites without having to build them from scratch. The platform’s website builder templates are easily customizable. Just move elements where you want them to go, making sure you’re following franchise guidelines regarding appearance and messaging but still exercising some level of creative freedom.

The end result is a franchise web design that’s interactive and with the right features to keep customers coming back for more. Getting your own franchise website up and running doesn't take two to six months, which is the average time it takes a design agency.

A GLASS™-powered franchise website is easy to maintain, too. Because you can easily add pages, you can run specials all day, every day—no more worrying about not being able to add them all in time.

Create Standout Franchise Websites with GLASS™

Pizza Parlor

Launch your pizza franchise website in less than a day with our rapid development website builder.

Coffee Shop

Showcase what’s unique about your coffee shop without spending thousands in franchise website design costs.

Fashion Retail Brand

The best website builder for retail brands highlights what makes you unique.

Furniture Shop

Upload high-quality photos of your products without negatively affecting page loading speed.

Beauty Products

Ensure accurate SKU data reports every time for easy inventory management.