Elevate Your Online Strategy With Our Multiple Domain Package Options

Easily manage multiple domains. Unlock your website's full potential with the GLASS™ website builder for multi-domains. Get unparalleled flexibility and customization. Establish your online presence and make your brand stand out in a crowded digital landscape.

Unlock the Benefits of Multiple Domain Package Options


One of the key benefits of multiple domain package options is the ability to create a strong and recognizable online brand by establishing a cohesive web presence across multiple domains.


Increase brand recognition by utilizing multiple domains, you can establish credibility and strengthen your online presence by showcasing your brand across multiple websites.


To enhance brand recognition and encourage website recall, include your brand name in your URL. Customers will more easily recognize and remember your website address.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Custom domains are easier for search crawlers to index and categorize. Add in quality content and strategic keyword use, and you’ll boost your rankings considerably.

Harness the Power of Multiple Domains and Expand Your Digital Footprint

Support for Multiple Custom Domains

GLASS™ is an easy-to-use website builder for multiple domains. You can create multiple custom websites, each with its own custom domain name.

Multiple Subdomain Capabilities

Need to organize your website according to your company’s departments, services, or locations? GLASS™ supports up to 10 subdomains to separate activities within your organization.

Customizable Templates

With our ever-growing library of customizable templates, no more building a website from scratch. To start, just pick one from hundreds of meticulously designed templates.


GLASS™ is perfectly positioned to support business growth. Whether it’s one custom domain or multiple custom domains, there’s a GLASS™ plan that’s right for you.

Multiple Domains: Creating Websites the GLASS™ Way

If you run multiple lines of business or if your business operates in multiple locations, creating a website for each business line or location may be necessary. Should you choose to go that route, assigning each website a custom domain is your best bet.

Aside from the primary benefits we’ve laid out above, with custom domains, you can:

  • Create professional email addresses—for example, yourname@yourcustomwebsite.com
  • Differentiate your organization from competitors with clunky domains
  • Set up subdomains to make subpages more easily accessible

GLASS™ Plans and Multiple Custom Domains

To create a GLASS™ website with a custom domain, you need the Flute plan. If you need to create multiple sites, the Goblet plan supports up to five custom domains.

Our customers can attest to this—GLASS™ is the most user-friendly website builder for multiple domains. Our intuitive interface means that even without extensive website design experience, you can build your own websites within hours instead of weeks or months. And because you have hundreds of customizable templates to choose from, building websites that speak to your brand’s unique identity can be a breeze.

To get started building websites with GLASS™, check out our platform’s website-building features.

Unlocking Creative Solutions for Businesses, Bloggers, eCommerce, and More


Display the products and services that each of your business locations offers.

Educational Institutions

Make information easy to find. Create websites for each of your departments or schools.

News Organizations

Separate different categories of news, such as sports, politics, entertainment, etc.

Real Estate Brokers

Create unique, easily searchable websites for each of your locations.

Healthcare Institutions

Help patients easily get access to the care they need. Build multiple sites as necessary.