A Powerful Website Builder for Restaurants to Showcase What Matters Most

Build an online presence that showcases your menus and food effortlessly with GLASS™, an easy-to-use website builder for restaurants.

An All-In-One Restaurant Website Builder that's Second To None

Premium Industry Templates

We've got dozens of templates specific to the food & beverage industry, so you can quickly find unique themes that match your business model.

Build Websites Quickly

It’s easy to get started with GLASS™—the simplest website builder for restaurants—thanks to our convenient and flexible design.


Our prebuilt templates and scalable design allow you to make changes to your food website whenever you need to, with no technical experience necessary.

Online Payments

Our platform can help you accept and manage payments for your restaurant online.

How Does GLASS™ Help Restaurants Build Their Websites?


More than one location? No problem, creating unique, local content for multiple restaurants from one place is easy with our easy-to-use CMS.


Our highly scalable platform makes it easy to create a website that can grow as your business does without impacting the user experience.


We provide tools designed to help you dominate Google’s search rankings. Our platform includes integrated keyword research and other advanced SEO tools.


Our platform makes it easy to navigate GLASS™ without having to manage plugins or use complicated web forms.

Build Custom Websites With Our Scalable Platform

Creating a website design that works well for your restaurant has never been easier. There are so many different aspects of web building that need to work seamlessly to ensure that the end result is what you want. This is where GLASS™ comes in.

GLASS™ seamlessly integrates your promotion and marketing, online ordering and payments, and social media accounts. Our website builder for restaurants includes all the tools and functionality you need, starting with hundreds of website builder templates to choose from.

Our platform also helps you to create multiple landing pages that can easily be optimized for different locations. If you manage a chain of restaurants in different locations, then our content management system (CMS) makes it easy to gain visibility and attract new patrons to your establishment.

GLASS™ supports online ordering and customer management. Our platform is highly affordable since you won’t have to pay commissions to third-party online ordering services. Pass the savings on to your customers and stay competitive.

With GLASS™, you'll never have to reinvent the wheel. This means that once you have created the headers, menus, and website design according to your specifications, you will not have to start all over again if you make changes to the website, due to our scalable platform. This leaves more free time for you to get on with the business of managing your restaurants without having to worry about making updates if your business expands.

Choosing GLASS™ for your Restaurant Website

Food Delivery

Our simple, scalable platform makes GLASS™ the website builder for food delivery companies.

Catering Company

Spread the word about your catering establishment with our local pages and SEO tools.

Food Blog

Draw attention to your restaurant reviews with GLASS™, the website builder for food blogs.

Coffee Shop

Connect with local coffee drinkers and patrons easily with our stunning templates, themes, and tools.

Restaurant Chain

Create separate websites for multiple restaurants within your chain easily and quickly.