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Maintaining brochure websites is easy with GLASS™, a convenient web-building platform that contains hundreds of professional and customizable templates.

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Premium eBrochures

Build beautifully designed, professional brochure websites quickly and conveniently with our powerful platform, offering a low-bar website building experience with limitless possibilities to showcase your products and services.

Professional Templates

Choose from hundreds of templates that can help you get your website up and running quickly. Our designs are highly customizable and cover multiple industries.

Integrated SEO Tools

Our integrated SEO tools help you to dominate the search engine results pages (SERPs) and help prospective customers to find your business with ease.

Functional Tools

GLASS™ provides everything you need to get going. Our simple website tools help you get the functionality you need without the complexity.

GLASS™—Leaders in Brochure Website Design


Our websites are designed to work on any device including desktop, mobile, and tablet, for a beautiful brochure website wherever it’s viewed.


Maintaining simple brochure websites that grow over time doesn’t have to be painful. Build scalable websites without compromising user experience.

Simple Web Design

GLASS™ makes it easy to set up unique websites without a developer. Our templates let you create and design a professional website in minutes.

Easily Customizable

Our platform comes with all the tools you need to create a website that reflects your brand personality and meets your specifications.

How To Build A Brochure Website With GLASS™

Creating a scalable, custom brochure website has never been easier. A brochure website is an informational website with a small number of pages. It is often used as a visually attractive online equivalent of a printed brochure, featuring graphically detailed descriptions of products and services.

Our professional website builder makes it easy to showcase your products and services without grappling with complex coding and third-party software.

Perhaps you have previously used other leading platforms such as WordPress but have been overwhelmed by plugin crashes, error messages, and a complex content management system (CMS) that can confuse many business owners.

With GLASS™, web design doesn’t have to be complicated. If you only want to quickly set up a small website with a few service pages, or simply digitize your printed brochure, you can do that easily using our platform. The beauty of our website builder lies in its simplicity. The easy-to-use GLASS™ interface helps you build a brochure-style website without needing to hire a developer or create a website from scratch.

Our platform includes integrated SEO tools, secure on-site storage, image optimization, and other website-building features.

The scalability of our platform makes it easy to update and maintain your website, which can easily adapt to any changes you make without impacting the navigation, performance, or user experience.

Scalable and Professional Brochure Website Designs


Building a professional and functional website is easy with our intuitive CMS and multi-industry, pre-designed templates.

Dental Websites

GLASS™ includes specially designed and optimized websites for dental clinics that can be found easily online.

B2B Businesses

Our platform makes it easy to create an online brochure that showcases your business products and services.

Wedding Photographer

Display your photographic talent with our scalable platform perfect for small, brochure-style wedding services.


Our powerful eCommerce features allow online stores to stay relevant with product videos, FAQs, and more.