GLASS™ is the All-In-One Website Builder for Real Estate Agents

With GLASS™, real estate agents can create an SEO-friendly, scalable, and easy-to-use website to meet their unique website-building needs.

How GLASS™ Can Help You Build a Great Website for Real Estate Agents

A Powerful Content Management System

GLASS™ provides a top-notch content management system (CMS) for real estate agents to manage their customer contacts throughout the sales cycle. Many website builders don't provide this feature.

Establish Your Online Identity

Get the customization and social media integration you need to establish your brand. GLASS™ gives you the power that real estate brokerage company sites might not.

Simple to Use & Manage

All the tools you need are built in. Other blogging software requires complicated plug-ins for the functionality your real estate business requires but not GLASS™.

Dedicated to Supporting Growth

GLASS™ is the website builder for real estate agents because it helps make your real estate website scalable and discoverable by search engines.

Building Websites with GLASS™ is Different

Powerful Client Managment

The GLASS™ content management system (CMS) lets you seamlessly manage your contacts and listings for a multi-location website. It provides scalability and easy social media integration.

Custom Websites

Build an attractive and engaging website for real estate agents with comprehensive web design tools, hundreds of customizable templates, and professional themes.

Web Design Experience Not Required

This no-code website builder gives you an unrivaled user experience with its simple interface and integration with powerful tools. Plus, for those with coding experience, we don't limit you from taking it to the next level.

SEO-Friendly for Search Engine Success

Robust search engine optimization (SEO) enables your web pages to rank high on search engines with integrated tools including keyword research and Google Core Web Vitals.

What Makes GLASS™ the Simplest Website Builder for Real Estate Agents

Knowing how to build custom websites for real estate has become a vital part of real estate commerce. Integrating your website with Facebook, Twitter, and other social media is essential to establishing yourself as an expert in real estate in your area and beyond. Along with providing a smooth user experience, GLASS™ is the website builder for real estate agents because it offers a simple solution for maximizing your web presence and social media integration.

The GLASS™ CMS allows you to manage your leads and referrals efficiently, with streamlined navigation. You can also manage multiple listings and bookings from your website quickly and easily.

The GLASS™ robust CMS provides the fine control you need to manage a multi-location website. It enhances your website design capabilities with hundreds of responsive website builder templates and easy-to-use design tools with no plug-ins. Plus, all these top-notch features are accessible from one centralized location.

For excellent web performance, you need super-fast search engine optimization (SEO) to help your web pages rank high on search engines like Google. GLASS™ has all the features you need to make your website capable of attracting more qualified visitors. These features include integrated keyword research, key performance metrics with Google Core Web Vitals, and a superior CMS. Try GLASS™ with our 14-day free trial.

Use Cases Where GLASS™ Excels

Going through a Real Estate Office Expansion

Scalable content supports growth without a negative user experience.

Executing a Geo-Specific Strategy

You can customize unique local content for geo-specific strategies.

Starting a Marketing Campaign

Powerful SEO and web design tools help you communicate your marketing message.

A Broker Needing to Upgrade Web Operations

GLASS™ lets you service multiple real estate agents and their listings.

New Real Estate Agents

Quickly adapt to this intuitive web builder's exceptional CMS and SEO features.