GLASS™ Website Solutions and Use Cases

The integrated design tools in GLASS™ allow you to create fast, scalable, custom websites that perform better in the SERPs.

Profiles of Potential GLASS™ Users

Are you looking for a website solution that will give you a beautiful online presence and attract customers without putting in a lot of effort? The answer is GLASS™. We compiled some website use cases to help you visualize how GLASS™ can be used to build revenue-generating websites.

Gary Penney, Gym Owner

Gary Penney, Gym Owner

Gary Penney is the 34-year-old owner of four gyms in San Diego. As his next marketing move, Gary wants to increase his online marketing revenue with a campaign that incorporates the unique features of each gym location. But his present website-building platform doesn’t have that capability, and he’s shopping for an easy way to do it.

Karen Mason, Small Business Owner

Karen Mason, Small Business Owner

Karen Mason, a 32-year-old owner of a bed and breakfast, is envious of her competitors’ professional-looking and engaging websites. Unfortunately, her present website builder only gives her a few design options, and she can’t afford to hire web developers. As a result, she’s looking for a small business solution for making more appealing custom websites.

Nick Zell, Employment Agency

Nick Zell, Employment Agency

43-year-old Nick Zell’s employment agency is highly successful. So, he intends to scale his business by adding agencies in various cities in Los Angeles County. However, his present web designer platform doesn’t offer multi-location features and developer-grade tools within a content management system (CMS).

Marge Greenwood, Tanning Salon Franchise Owner

Marge Greenwood, Tanning Salon Franchise Owner

41-year-old Marge Greenwood has been a franchise owner of a Sunny Sahara tanning salon for ten years. Recently, her franchisor gave franchisees the freedom to build their websites. This change is good news to Marge because she feels she can increase online sales by adding her personal touch, but Marge wants to ensure she can stay consistent with the franchise.

GLASS™ Website Solutions for These User Cases

Multi-Location Sites

Nick and Gary could benefit from the GLASS™ website solution for managing multiple business locations. GLASS™ is the best CMS for giving you control over scalable content, integrated keyword research, and Google Core Web Vitals.

Local Content Optimization

Local content is needed by all four users to highlight their products and services in a geo-specific way. GLASS™ is one of the few web publishing platforms that offers the scalability needed to manage your local pages quickly. With quality local content, you can increase traffic to your business's website.

Optimizing Design

Karen could design the website of her dreams with a few simple steps. With hundreds of website builder templates to choose from, she could easily navigate the control panels and create a visually appealing website without the aid of professional photographers.

Franchise Website Builder

Small business owners of franchises can easily build custom websites that rank high on search engines. Since GLASS™ is a CMS system that offers a simple and seamless user experience, Marge could use the GLASS™ franchise CMS to build a website that reflects her personal touch and generates the traffic she desires.

GLASS™ Helps You Get Ahead of the Competition with a High-Caliber Website Solution

Through GLASS™, you can maximize the power of search engine optimization (SEO) to bring more visitors to your site, improve your Google search engine ranking, and attract visitors most likely to improve your conversion rate.

Using GLASS™, you can easily find and integrate the most important keywords into your content, as well as research and scan your website for keywords that can make your content more competitive. With the integrated research tool, you can also find out what keywords will make your website more competitive.

To track your website’s performance accurately, GLASS™ provides Google Core Web Vitals, consisting of three significant metrics for every page. And as your business grows, your website will be able to grow and adapt with its scalable content backed by a dynamic content management system. With these essential built-in design and analytical tools, GLASS™ is one of the best website solutions out there.

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