A Website Builder for Business & Industries

The best website builder for your business is GLASS™. With integrated analytics and lightning-fast pages, businesses can create SEO-optimized, scalable content.

Professional, Scalable Websites for Multiple Industries


Dominating the top spot in Google is essential if you want to effortlessly attract more customers to your business and ward off fierce competition. GLASS™ is the best website builder for small business because it allows you to do just that thanks to our comprehensive suite of SEO tools.


GLASS™ website builder for small business covers multiple industries with custom templates designed to help you promote your business. Eliminate the frustration of maintaining several websites across different platforms with our all-in-one CMS that contains the tools to get started. Regardless of the sector, you are in, we’ve got you covered with hundreds of industry-specific themes.

Intuitive Editor

GLASS™ helps you create the design you want, whether you have no experience or you're an expert. Minimize the time you spend on building your website with our simple interface, or take it to the next level with custom code.


Our responsive CMS saves you time and adapts to any changes you make on your website so that you don’t have to reinvent the wheel when your website grows. As your business needs change, the last thing you want is to start from scratch. Our highly flexible, scalable platform is built to grow alongside your business.

Custom Websites Tailored to Your Industry


eCommerce includes any business that sells goods or products on the internet, such as salons, home decor, and more. Our eCommerce templates cover a wide variety of professional, industry-leading templates.


Keep your audiences entertained, with our custom web builder that delivers templates for any type of entertainment platform. We offer tailored solutions for your podcasts, blogs, cinemas, and more.


With our GLASS™ website builder for small business, you can create professional marketing, real estate, interior design, and other corporate websites. Save valuable time and resources with our top-of-the-line CMS.

Food and Beverage

Give your restaurant the healthiest possible start with our premium themes. Regardless of whether you are a restaurant, bar, or food delivery service, we’ve got you covered.

Top Notch CMS Built with Business in Mind

Only a few of the types of businesses we serve are featured in the sections above. We cover a wide range of industries and have hundreds of dedicated themes, and templates designed for almost every type of business you can imagine.

We understand that creating a small business website that contains all the functionality and features you need to appeal to your customers and grow over time is challenging. Perhaps you have tried other popular websites but are tired of old and broken plugins, limited functionality, and complex interfaces.

Eliminate all of those problems with GLASS™. Our highly scalable, top-of-the-line CMS is built with business in mind. Gone are the days of hiring developers or trying to figure out how to code a landing page that should have been quick and simple. Our no-code, intuitive interface helps you to hit the ground running and this is one of many features that makes GLASS™ the best small website builder for small business leaders. GLASS™ provides a learning and growth opportunity, allowing you to start without coding and gradually explore advanced code customization options at your own pace—but only if you want to!

All of our themes come complete with integrated keyword research, scalable header and footer menus, custom designs, and tracking that helps more customers to find your business. If your business is a franchise website or has multiple locations, our CMS also helps you to boost efficiency by eliminating the guesswork and delivering the themes, SEO, and custom tools you need to adapt to your market.

Ready to get started? Discover our powerful CMS with hundreds of website builder templates, professional landing pages, and more.