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Discover the best website building platform with GLASS™. Make your online presence stand out and create a beautiful website that is both easy to use and full of features.

GLASS™ — The Best Website Building Platform: Features & Tools

eCommerce Tools

GLASS™ is the best website building platform, offering powerful eCommerce features that allow online stores to stay relevant in a competitive marketplace. With GLASS™, shoppers will find built-in eCommerce features such as a search function, footer navigation, product videos, product reviews, product FAQs, store FAQs, order tracking, opt-in emails, push notifications, chatbots, and product availability filters.

Secure On-Site Storage

As your business grows, you'll need more storage to store an expanding list of contacts, a gallery of product images, videos, and other types of content, and bandwidth to handle continual traffic growth. With GLASS™, users can choose from multiple monthly storage options, starting with 50GB.

Integrated Social Media Tools

It is easy to share product pages and/or blog posts on social media from the best website building platform. Each template from the GLASS™ ever-growing library of website themes is designed with social media sharing buttons. Simply add your social media profile links and you’re ready to go.

Image Optimization

Images of your products on your website should be of high quality. However, large files slow down download speeds, which negatively impacts user experience. Our image optimization tools ensure your images will be as small as possible without sacrificing quality. Your images will always be in the correct format, dimensions, and resolution.

What Makes GLASS™ the Best Website Building Platform?


If you want your website to be good for your business, it should be easy for customers to navigate, which means it should be mobile-friendly, easy to use, and always available. Your website builder must help you achieve this level of usability.

Multiple User Logins

Need more people to help you manage your website? Because GLASS™ is built to scale, simply upgrade to the next product package to add more users.

Search Engine Optimization

Using built-in technical and on-page SEO tools, GLASS™ lets you design Google-friendly websites. Search engines easily find your site’s pages and so do your customers.

Web Analytics

To improve site performance, understand how your site is faring against benchmarks. GLASS™ gives you essential reports, such as Google Core Web Vitals, in one click.

Creating Custom Websites with GLASS™

The quality of your customer's interactions with your site determines how trustworthy your site is:

  • Website design: A site that’s easy to use and has tons of helpful information keeps visitors coming back for more.
  • Product presentation: Careful product presentation elevates the perceived value of your business.
  • Mobile responsiveness: About 60% of internet traffic comes from mobile devices, so your site should work well on any device.
  • Loading speed: Three seconds—that’s how fast visitors expect each page on your website to load. More than that and they’ll likely navigate away from your page.

Experience the GLASS™ Difference

Humans are wired to appreciate beautiful design, so giving visitors a remarkable site experience is the next logical step.

Aside from offering the best website building platform, GLASS™ also provides businesses with the tools they need to create aesthetically pleasing, fully functional, and easily navigable websites regardless of your design experience.

GLASS™ gives you:

  • Powerful on-page and off-page SEO optimization features
  • Built-in keyword research
  • Custom domains
  • Hundreds of customizable templates
  • Secure storage space of up to 1TB
  • Tiered product packages to accommodate growth

Plus, no hidden, surprise fees to worry about. Discover our many website builder templates and reach out today to learn more.