Why is GLASS™ a Better Website Building Platform?

GLASS™ creates fast, scalable, custom sites that perform better in the SERPs than your average template builders.

Easy Website Builder for Small Businesses

Affordable Custom Websites

Our all-in-one content management platform comes with everything you need to get up and running fast.

Simplified Website Design

We provide hundreds of simple, website themes at your fingertips so you can quickly create a website designed to your specifications.

Grow Your Business

GLASS™ is the best website-building platform for small business owners, as it includes everything you need to get discovered by customers and sell products easily.

Integrated SEO

GLASS™ helps you to attract more customers by making it easy to discover new keywords, update search terms and view key metrics at the click of a button.

Why GLASS™ is the Best Website Building Platform for Small Businesses

Custom Websites

GLASS™ makes it easy to set up unique websites that reflect the personality of your brand. Our rapid development website builder makes it simple to create the design you want.


Grow your business with our SEO-friendly website building platform which contains a suite of tools that lets you easily incorporate keywords into your web pages.


Our website builder is extremely easy to navigate. Whether you're a seasoned pro or new to web development, our user-friendly interface guides you effortlessly through every step.


Save time and resources with our scalable and responsive website that is designed to easily adapt to any changes you make as your business grows.

Grow Your Business With GLASS™

GLASS™ is a scalable and intuitive content management system designed for a seamless user experience. Our easy website building platform for small business use is perfect for busy entrepreneurs who want to focus on their business while confidently building an impactful online presence. With our integrated keyword research, SEO metrics, and franchise website builder, GLASS™ is one of the top platforms for small businesses to build websites.

Creating fresh, professional websites has never been easier thanks to our no-limit CMS that lets you customize the website to your exact specifications without the hassle. Our CMS is also highly scalable, meaning that you will not have to redesign your website menus, headers, and footers every time you make a major change.

We understand that branding, customer management, and scalability are extremely important to many enterprises, so we have designed hundreds of free templates that cover many types of businesses across industries. All of these designs are user-friendly, and you can easily change the colors, photos, text, and menus at the click of a button.

So, if you are wondering which website builder is best for your business, why not give GLASS™ a try? Learn about our easy website builder pricing and click the button below to get started.

Multi-Purpose CMS For All Your Business Needs

Franchise Websites

GLASS™ provides you with a whole host of professional franchise templates for almost any industry.

Multi-Location CMS

Create complex, multi-location content easily thanks to our premier CMS which improves efficiency.


Our CMS helps you create exceptional eCommerce websites that contain all the functionality you need.


Our easy website builder for small business use contains customizable templates for almost any industry.

B2B/B2C Websites

Appeal to your target audience with contemporary templates and create unique websites and landing pages.