Benefits of Using Templates for Website Pages

Building a website page from nothing can be quite the burden. Without templates or an efficient content management system (CMS), you’ll probably need to learn plenty of code, which can require a great deal of time and effort, which will likely also require support, which requires money, which eventually results in maybe getting a single webpage published. Once you’ve finally got the page published, then you have to check for errors, learn how to troubleshoot the errors, and test the page for Google Core Web Vitals. It’s easy to see how even people with experience in web publishing can get stuck somewhere in the process.

This blog explores the benefits of using templates for website layouts, and how these content templates can help you quickly produce properly coded, reliable web pages. With a great content management system, your web page publishing processing can be as smooth as Glass.

Last updated May 11, 2022

About Website Templates

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What are website templates?

Website templates are easy to use, pre-designed layouts that can be quickly edited with unique content for your webpage. Using a template for your website will allow you to easily visualize the design of the page, and all you need to do is update the template with unique text and images. Drag and drop to add new blocks on the page or to rearrange the existing blocks. You can update colors, add buttons, resize elements or sections, add social media icons, and much more!

Should I be using templates for my website?

Of course, the answer to this question may vary depending on the specific situation. If you’re a coding guru well versed in the world of web development, then maybe you prefer to work from a text editor one line of code at a time. But, even experts may favor webpage templates due to the time they save on planning, coding, and troubleshooting each page. Website builder templates can significantly reduce the amount of time, labor, and money spent on a website.

What are the benefits of using templates for a website?

Although the speed of updating or creating new content is a huge advantage of using templates for a website, perhaps the biggest advantage is that no coding experience is required. Webpage creation and maintenance is vastly simplified using intuitive drag and drop features on a variety of website layouts.

Some other benefits of using website content templates include:

  • Easier to maintain and modify
  • Faster webpage publishing 
  • Scalable content
  • No coding or design skills required
  • Templates are much faster than creating pages from scratch
  • Consistent website themes

What are the best website templates?

The best website templates are going to depend on the type of website and webpages that need to be created. For example, you wouldn’t want to choose a contact template if you’re trying to create a product page. So, depending on the information you’re trying to make available to consumers, Glass offers various templates to choose from.

Several popular website content templates we offer include:

  • Contact templates
  • Product page templates
  • Service page templates
  • Newsletter templates
  • Announcement templates

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