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Rescue the Seas

Our planet’s oceans produce half of our oxygen, feed a billion people, and are home to some of the most magnificent species on the planet. Climate change, pollution, and damaging industries, on the other hand, put them in peril now more than ever. To fix the issue, we must act immediately. 


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The microplastics emergency

The most frequent sort of marine trash found in our oceans and Great Lakes is plastic. Microplastics are little plastics with a length of less than five millimeters. That’s about the size of a sesame seed.

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Sea Turtle
Canoe and Reef

Preserving our blue planet

Scientists propose a new strategy to rescue our oceans: create a worldwide network of ocean sanctuaries that would keep harmful industries out of millions of square kilometers. But to get world governments on board, we need your help to show why ocean conservation is so important.

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“I saw destruction first-hand”

Sound Wave

Listen to our podcast with diver Jake Mills, as he describes the dangers plastics pose to marine ecosystems and how we can work together to ensure a biodiverse, thriving ocean for future generations. 

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at least 30% of our blue planet by 2030