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Small business website management can be a challenge. When a franchisor allows a franchisee control over building a website, sometimes it might feel burdensome. How will you create the design? How do you make the page rank with search engines? What’s the best franchise CMS (Content Management System)? The rush of questions might toss you into a perpetual spin that always seems to cycle back to the same question—Where do I start?

Glass is a content management system designed for a seamless user experience. Our robust franchise CMS removes the obstacles and complexities other website builders impose so you’re never limited in expanding your website. Quickly start building pages, optimize each page with SEO keywords, and fall asleep at night without waking up at 3AM in a pool of sweat with the realization that you’ve done it all wrong. Start off strong. Start with Glass. 

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About Glass

Glass is a powerful content management system (CMS) that can lessen the burden of small business website management and help you keep your website performing at its best. Take advantage of single or multi location SEO using integrated keyword research, intuitive web design features, scalable content, and a content management system that can even outpace the speed of your ideas to your keyboard. 

Franchise Content Management Systems

If you’ve been scouring the internet for a capable CMS that can deliver results, let the hunt be over. Getting started with Glass is easy. We’ll provide you with a host of franchise website templates, including professional page templates, landing page templates, e-commerce templates, educational templates, marketing templates, location page templates, and many more. 

Simply log in, select a template, and customize the web page to be exactly what you need. To customize, all you have to do is click and drag items on the page, resize them, change colors, upload photos and text, create menus and buttons, or utilize any of our other clear-cut design features. Save templates that you like, then reuse them on your website to expedite the publishing process and develop stronger franchise branding. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Franchise website builder

Why is branding important to a franchise?

When presented well, a franchise’s brand can be one of the most powerful assets for driving your business forward. People tend to carry certain positive or negative feelings towards familiar brands. If your company has positive franchise branding, it can drastically increase customer loyalty because consumers view your business as familiar and less risky. Glass is a premium franchise website builder that can make branding a breeze. 

How to set up franchise location pages on a company website

If your franchisor has permitted you to set up franchise locations pages on a company website, the first step is to register for a reliable franchise content management system. Glass is a robust CMS that can deliver exactly the functionality that you need to succeed.

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