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When managing a multiple location business, an intuitive CMS (Content Management System) is crucial to staying ahead of the competition. Glass delivers the best CMS options, including fine control over web page content and design, scalability, integrated keyword research, and Google Core Web Vitals. Best of all, these top-notch features are conveniently available through one centralized location—Glass!


We all know that multi location website management involves strategy, and the key to a great strategy includes top-of-the-line content management systems to streamline the process. Eliminate the frustrating days and nights filled with futile attempts to compete in today’s digital world. Get organized. Get Glass.

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About Content Management Systems

Multiple Location CMS 

Multi location website management requires diligence. These websites can involve complex multi location content, which can take some effort to keep sorted without a good CMS. The way that information is organized, edited, and published can have a significant impact on how a multi location business website ranks and performs. A successful multi location business website often utilizes a premier content management system to increase efficiency and reduce errors.

CMS for Startups

For startups, it might seem overwhelming to choose the right content management system. Starting with the best CMS options can eliminate a lot of work later on, including the hassle of migrating your content to another CMS because the first one didn’t quite work out. Glass is here to eradicate the chaos. From the start, take advantage of our integrated SEO keyword research to make sure your site gets the traction it deserves. For startups, Glass includes features to help lead you in the right direction from the beginning. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you design a website for multi location businesses?

When it comes to multi location web design, consistency is the answer. An intuitive CMS makes it easy to cover some of the essential components of good multi location web design, including:

Designing for scalability.

Designing for scalability means that the website can seamlessly handle growth. A scalable website has the ability to adapt and expand without affecting the end users negatively.

Ease of navigation.

For multi location content, it is vital that the end users can find information quickly and easily. Make sure that each location is clear, contact information is listed, and that the pages are designed in such a way that users as well as search engines can navigate with ease. If the information that they’re looking for is not easily found on your website, then expect them to move on to the next website quickly.

Responsive design.

Make sure that the website is mobile-responsive! In today’s world, people search the internet on their smartphones in growing numbers. If the website was only intended for desktop, you’re losing a huge percentage of your audience to poor web design. Remember that people want to locate information fast, and a page that isn’t easily viewed on a small screen will send them tapping away to another site!

How to build a website with multiple locations?

Create several landing pages.

For multi location content, a website can start to look sloppy if you only have one landing page. The content becomes much more complex with the more geographic locations your business has, and one complex landing page just isn’t the way to go when you’re trying to simplify the user experience. Build multiple landing pages relevant to the content that the users are looking for. It’s okay, even ideal, for users to start with different landing pages if it makes sense and it reduces the time spent searching for answers.

SEO Optimization.

Search engine optimization is important for search engines and users to effortlessly find the pages that they’re looking for. Ideally, you’ve incorporated SEO keyword research well, and the user will land on a relevant page according to their search terms. Glass includes an integrated keyword research feature to ensure strong SEO keyword integration.

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