Why Glass Is The Best Website Builder For Your Business

If you have ever used another content management system (CMS), the experience probably taught you exactly what to avoid the next time. Many website builders do one or two things very well but abandon everything else. This means that a website builder offering thousands of plugins for customizable web designs probably also has shockingly bad web security, bloat, and poor page speed. Moreover, plugins are known to create frustration among web designers because they are messy, confusing, and often have to be purchased separately. Remember, no matter how well a CMS does one task, the software is only ever as good as its weakest link.

Are you ready to get your business website up and running without the headache of web security, responsive and scalable design, technical search engine optimization (SEO), and page speed? Glass is a secure, centralized, user-friendly website builder that allows you to do everything you need from one place at one price. No coding knowledge is required, no third-party applications or plugins are necessary, and no hidden fees. Glass covers everything you need, anywhere you need, anytime you need.

Last updated October 14, 2022

Why is Glass Better?

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Instead of focusing on one or two key CMS features like most website builders, the Glass team focuses on creating a seamless user experience and ensuring nothing gets forgotten. Of course, we cover all of the basic CMS features that you would expect with any website builder, like the ability to edit your own content, images, etc. But, we don’t just stop at “good enough.” Glass targets the most sought-after website features, covering everything from on-page SEO to backend usability. Below are some of the many features that elevate Glass as one of the most user-friendly website builders:

Backend usability

In addition to intuitive, drag-and-drop modules on the front end, Glass also has a backend that is easy to navigate. The backend is an essential part of your website, also known as the “server-side.” Although this isn’t part of your website that people see, it is a crucial component for your website to operate correctly. With Glass, don’t worry about learning complicated server-side scripting languages. SSL installation is a breeze, and robot.txt files can be toggled on or off at the click of a button. From start to finish, you do not need to know a single line of code or understand the logic of the backend. 

Customizable web designs

Glass is a user-friendly website builder that makes it easier than ever to design your pages exactly how you want them. Save money hiring web designers and developers with intuitive, easy-to-use web templates and drag-and-drop modules. One person can do it all. Not sure how you want to design your website? Choose from one of our hundreds of scalable templates to get started quickly with customizable web designs. 

Scalable features 

When it comes to scalable content, very few content management systems give you the tools you need to grow your business website efficiently. Building a website without scalable features means that for every new webpage you create, you must also recreate the menu and footer and any other repeating designs that should be part of every page. This becomes even more of a chore if you implement responsive website design, and the CMS you use does not support that either. Needless to say, this can waste a ton of time and result in many discrepancies and imperfections from page to page. 

Glass has solved these problems with global rows and scalable templates. With these scalable solutions, you only have to update the menu one time for it to take effect across all of your pages and automatically publish to your website. Quit wasting time and productivity using a CMS that doesn’t support your business’s growth. Glass’ scalable features are designed to anticipate growing business needs and keep you working as efficiently as possible.

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Search Engine Optimization

So, which website builder is best for SEO? Some of the most user-friendly website builders lack one critical feature that can prevent your website from being successful—Search Engine Optimization. If you find yourself using a website builder that does not automatically cover technical SEO for you, you can consider yourself stuck with that atrocious page speed until you switch to a better website builder. Most website builders give you no control over this, so there is nothing you can do to improve your page performance unless you ditch that website builder. Do yourself a favor by starting with the best site builder for SEO and saving yourself from the grueling process of switching to a new website builder later.

The bad news is that most website builders have terrible SEO and are not very upfront about this issue, leaving their users to discover it only after wasting too much valuable time using the platform. The good news is that Glass has some of the best SEO for website builders on the market. Technical SEO is already covered for you, including page speed optimization and image optimization. For on-page SEO, our integrated keyword research lets you quickly update your website with keywords to help your pages rank higher. Easily see how your pages perform and where you need to improve with Glass SEO.

What is the most user-friendly website builder?

Although there are many website builders to choose from, the best website builder will minimize the time you spend developing your website while maximizing the performance of each page. Building your business website should never be a frustrating experience with nothing but poor performance to show for it. For the best user-friendly CMS, choose a visual builder like Glass where everything you need is in one place, navigation is laid out clearly, and no plugins are required.

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